Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

We partner with global Fortune 500s, mid-sized established firms, non-profits and family businesses in nearly every business category. What our clients say:

“I worked with Krissi on formal strategy projects and informal networking / best practices discussions on a variety of topics over the past several years. I have greatly appreciated the knowledge and perspective that Krissi has consistently contributed to sorting through complex topics.”
-Mike Scrudato

“Krissi Barr is excellent! Strategic planning and leadership training all in one! I highly recommend Krissi and her 4S process for righting the ship. ”
-John Kirtley

“Krissi is an energetic, effective, and wonderful facilitator of corporate strategy, professional, and personal development. She is able to quickly identify the real and underlying issues that organizations or individuals are experiencing, professionally confront them head on, and apply her problem solving and leadership skills to facilitate more effective outcomes. I enjoyed working with Krissi at LOTH, and know that she has brought significant value to associates that have worked with her, and to the company. I would highly recommend Krissi to any individual, or organization that needs coaching, or strategic leadership. ”
-Steve Turner

“Krissi was inspirational and positively influential in my leadership and personal development. Krissi's knowledge, expertise, and sincere commitment to making a difference will continue to influence my approach in life, both professional and personal. ”
-Erin Sullivan

“As a new executive in mid-size organization, I hired Krissi for several reasons - all of which she delivered on faster and better than expected. When I need an Executive Coach, or when a colleague does, there's no questions Krissi is the one I'll hire and recommend. Krissi is an "A+" Executive Coach. Specifically:
(1) She understands, values, and respects confidentiality
(2) Her follow-up is prompt, concise and clear
(3) She defines objectives and achieves them
(4) When needed in a pinch, she makes the time to be there
(5) She makes great use of every minute spent together”
-Adriana S. Llames

“Krissi is a valued partner at First Financial. She has led enlightening executive team-building sessions and served as a professional coach for several of the organization's leaders. I have personally benefitted from Krissi's insights and recommendations as my executive coach.

Krissi's extensive background in corporate strategy, leadership and executive coaching, as well as her direct yet warm style, have enabled her to build credibility and have impact on leaders across our organization. She has a keen understanding of personality traits and how to leverage them to build leadership and team effectiveness. Krissi worked with our executive team to help us uncover strategic potential and create stronger relationships.

I strongly recommend Krissi as a partner in the development of individual leaders, leadership teams, and corporate strategy.”
-Alisa Poe

“I consider Krissi not only a mentor, but a friend. She has taken the time to get to know me, my family and my goals. Krissi used specific techniques to increase my aptitude in situational leadership. Not only did she help me understand how to relate to other people, she also more importantly taught me how to relate to myself. I highly recommend Krissi Barr to anyone that is looking to enhance their personal life and career. ”
-Seth Phillips

“Thank you for a great luncheon program on leadership. I have been to thousands of luncheons over my 30 years and yours was the topper!”
-Mark Weber

“It’s enjoyable, interesting and challenging when you do our leadership development and other workshops.”
-Michael Reese

“You are truly an inspiring person; thank you for your executive coaching!”
-Victoria Chiappetta

“Overall you did a great job with our training sessions. I felt you helped establish some great dialogue among our leadership team and got input from some on the team we hadn’t yet received.”
-Bob Kissel

“You embody the authenticity I strive for business and life.”
-Mark Schroeder

“There are a multitude of skills I took from your training last week. If I can discipline myself and take the advice, it would impact my experience immensely. You have done much with the talents given you.”
-John Claassen

“I hit $5,000,000 in bookings yesterday. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you and receive your coaching. You have made me a better person!”
-Rachel Wyder

“Thank you for speaking to our team leaders tonight. I think it will help them step forward in their business, which can be hard. It was genius to have you coach here. You are a phenomenal woman who deserved everything!”
-Renee Shattuck

“Your strategic planning session yesterday was a success in many ways! Thanks for your work and ideas!”
-Jack Fedorchak

“ Thanks for a great training day yesterday and your guidance. You can’t imagine how important it was for our group to discuss branding and review and revise our branding strategy.”
-Ashley McNamara

“Thank you for all you have done for me, to help me grow as a leader.”
-Michael Beck

“I can’t tell you how much I was moved by your leadership event. What a fantastic job and what an authentic leadership experience!”
-Mike Sipple Jr.

“You have made an enormous difference in our business and I value the input you have given us.”
-Lisa Malnar

“Our executive coaching sessions have brought clarity and confirmed direction for me. Thank you very much!”
-Ronnell Spears

“I have heard so many wonderful things about you and what you do; I am delighted we were able to connect.”
-Becky Scheeler

“I really appreciate your coaching and suggestions and continuously work on them as I head into a new executive position as CFO.”
-Rajat Marwah

“The roll out of our Vision, Mission and Values that we formed in your strategic planning session has gone well. The feedback has been very positive. You did an amazing job herding 19 cats and producing something great.”
-Bob Grote

“Thank you for assessments; you really helped us decide between 2 excellent management candidates.”
-Linda Burtwistle

“Alan (our Senior Vice President) is lucky to have you as his executive coach!”
-Theresa Gray

“You did a wonderful job last week with our team on leadership development and you helped strengthen it.”
-Dick Dowd

“I think of you often for that inspirational attitude that comes bursting out of you! I love it!”
-Lori Heidelberger:

“I truly hope you can coach us again! You are simply amazing at what you do. I’d be interested in knowing what your executive coaching packages are if your engagement ends here.”
-Jamie May

“You so inspire me! You are more than a conqueror!”
-Melanie Winestead

“Thanks for the helpful 360 degree recap; it provides great insight on my further development as a senior leader.”
-James E. Hinkle III

“Well, you’ve done it now. Your presentation was such a success we would like to have you repeat it to a group of Engineering Supervisors at our Summit.”
-Mary Wright

“The tools you provided served as our foundation and were what we needed to develop our team. Your executive coaching was instrumental in helping us get across the finish line. We all enjoyed working with you too!”
-Ameritas Leadership Academy Team

“Many great things have happened at the Cincinnati Parks system because of you and your wonderful support under your leadership as a Trustee.”
-Willie Carden Jr.

“Great job facilitating our meeting. I saw the great value you brought to our team…”
-Matt Cooksey

“I have always valued you as a coach and person. You have taught me so many things. You have played a key role in my leadership development and success.”
-Sylvia Hopper

“Thank you for your great support and encouragement. I am feeling a lot of gratitude our paths crossed. Whether you know it or not, your coaching played a key role in my development and I wanted to share my successes with you.”
-Art Snarzyk III

“You are an inspirational leader. I appreciate your follow-up and connection with us.”
-Jane Abell

“ Thank you for your executive coaching time and input over the last year; it has been of value.”
-Richard Shanks

“Thank you for all you’ve done in executive coaching to support and challenge me. I value your wisdom and insights.”
-Alan Wheatley

“Thanks again for your guidance; I would not have been able to do it without your coaching!”
-Zane Pockrandt

“I will never be able to thank you enough for believing in me right from the start and helping me get my company’s Portfolio Management team off the ground. I would never have come so far without your executive coaching.”
-Christine Kaaz

“The leadership session was fantastic and everybody was impressed. I was especially pleased with the engagement you encouraged of our entire team.”
-Mark Gatto

“Thank you for your time and insights as always. I am leaning in order to serve this company best requires constant, self-assessment, awareness and growth, and you continue to help us do this.”
-Steve Black

“Thanks…I got a lot of our executive coaching sessions this week.”
-Marcia Cumberledge

“You all know how I think about Krissi and how her executive coaching helped me tremendously these last years…”
-Bob Winget

“We’ve exchanged some really good ideas today; we’ve got a great team here. You create the environment for this to happen!”
-William Kays

“Thank you for making our future come alive!”
-Jamie Gerdsen

“You are an exceptionally wonderful partner and I sincerely appreciate you and your leadership skills!”
-Shelly Wallace

“Great summary and support; I appreciate your guidance and support as always.”
-Bob Capobianco

“I have no doubt that your efforts will allow us to achieve another level of success with our company.”
-Kelly K Smith

“Thanks very much Krissi. You definitely did a wonderful job directing our meeting.”
-Vickie Huber

“Thank you for your time and effort with our strategy development session. You did a great job of facilitating the meeting, keeping us on track, and documenting all of our input thrown around.”
-Keith Cheesman

“I want to thank you for facilitating an excellent strategic planning meeting. I think this has been our best one yet!”
-Joe Violante

“I feel much better knowing you can help us!”
-Stephanie Weiss

“I trust your class went well yesterday. You are a great presenter and I am sure the team gained valuable knowledge in Situational Leadership.”
-Ronnell Spears

“Thank you for a phenomenal week!”
-Liz Shotkoski

“I love your methods. I appreciate your coaching here.”
-Jordan Broome

“I have been through some brutal strategy sessions at other places, but your session was great!”
-Carol Helmick Turchick

“Thank you for sharing your insight and expertise. I have to say it my favorite and most useful portion of my training this past week; We’re interested in our relationships with our partners, and I am pleased ours has lasted so long.”
-Nickolas Orgill

“We (Disabled Veterans of America) have really valued working with you. You did a great job or all of us and we enjoyed working with you—a true, polished professional.”
-Barry Jesinoski

“You are excellent at what you do and I have enjoyed every second of my executive coaching with you.”
-Steve Mackie

“Your coaching always adds significantly not only to my career, but also my life! Thank you!”
-Cheryl Small

“ I appreciate your great advice. I look forward to continuing my transition as a leader.”
-Gary Moon

“You helped me get focused and cleared my lens. I am thankful for your support and direction. It’s making a difference!”
-Lorene Haimerl

“Without you, we would not have been able to build our company to the level it is today. Your fortitude, knowledge, and expertise gave us the strategy and structure we needed. You didn’t hesitate to steer us in directions that were appropriate, even when those were challenging decisions. ”
-Marvin Roberts

“Your efforts have resulted in the formation of one of the most passionate and energetic sales teams I’ve ever been part of. You completely energized my entire sales organization, marketing and customer service. We now have structure, goals and a bulging pipeline to boot. We couldn’t have done any of this without BCS. It was the best money I’ve ever spent. ”
-Phil Huff

“Your services are truly Great Performance. Thank you for challenging us, stretching us, encouraging us and making us accountable. Thank you for helping us learn to be better leaders and to learn again, the importance of learning. ”
-Molly Koch

“The greenfield project turned EBITDA positive in 6 months after start up of its primary operations. The role of Krissi Barr in achieving this goal was invaluable.”
-Mikhail Smirnov