The Fido Factor: How to Get a Leg Up At Work

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The Fido Factor

How To Get A Leg Up At Work

"A MUST-READ for anyone who is or wants
to be a LEADER"

- Marshall Goldsmith

Turns out the next big thing in leadership insight has four legs and a wet nose. Business leaders today are on a quest, looking for ways to help their employees—and themselves—achieve their potential and propel the enterprise to greatness. They’re looking for ways to get a leg up on the competition.

What can business professionals possibly learn from dogs about leadership? As it turns out, a lot. The Fido Factor reveals the leadership traits canines embody – and shows how to unleash your inner leader of the pack.

The Fido Factor is a groundbreaking take on success that will get you barking up the right tree. It goes where no business book has gone before. That’s because dogs exude a leadership genius that can only come from domesticated quadrupeds with expressive tails. The Fido Factor’s core message is that dogs can motivate each of us to become a more effective leader at work.

This isn’t a cute little book about puppies, and it won’t teach you how to beg. It’s a roadmap to leadership success with dogs as your guide. So, unleash yourself. Learn some new tricks. And dog-ear the pages that will help you and your company bound boldly into the future.

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Written by Krissi and Dan Barr

Krissi and Dan Barr are dynamic business people who live in Cincinnati. Both are graduates of Miami University, the school where Krissi also earned her MBA. They’re also the authors of two breakout business books – The Fido Factor: How to Get A Leg Up At Work and Plugged: Dig Out and Get the Right Things Done.

Krissi is President and Founder of Barr Corporate Success, a business consulting and coaching firm. Specializing in strategies to implement initiatives and maximize profitability, her interdisciplinary approach to business draws from her extensive background. Her industry experience includes banking, high-tech, service-based, international business, and manufacturing within a variety of companies from global Fortune 500’s, mid-sized established firms to start-ups and family businesses.

Dan is a senior executive at BELFOR, the world’s largest property restoration company, where he heads up the sales & marketing for the company’s 1-800-WATER-DAMAGE brand. He has worked for his family’s business, as an entrepreneur, and for Cintas.

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  • “To put it in dog terms, The Fido Factor is an A,B,C’s about the many dynamics we all wrestle with in our lives. The correlation between a dog’s world and our own makes this a fun and practical lesson in life…now sit!”- JB Buse, CEO LOTH


March 2013’s Cincinnati Magazine featured Krissi’s Fresh Business Tips article, “Lessons from a spork.”
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